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Founded in 2012 by mastering engineer Terry Waker, Tonalex emerged with a clear mission: to offer affordable online mastering specifically for the unsigned and independent music community, amidst the surge in algorithm-based services and costly attended sessions.

Terry's journey into sound engineering began during his formative years as a multi-instrumentalist. He honed his craft at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), earning a degree in Sound Technology. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Terry's early career included stints in live sound engineering at iconic venues like The Royal Albert Hall and OVO Arena Wembley.

In 2022, Tonalex welcomed Bex to the team to manage marketing and social media. An avid saxophonist herself, Bex brings a deep-rooted passion for music, coupled with expertise in photography and multimedia design.

Together, Terry and Bex have brought tonal excellence to…

Minutes of Audio

What is Mastering?

Demystifying the elements of mastering.


Having a tonally balanced record helps to ensure that it sounds great across lots of different playback systems. Whether you listen on a phone, car radio or headphones, your track will sound great.


Great dynamics are essential to bringing your track to life! It's what gels your mix together, gives it energy and governs perception of volume.

Noise Reduction

This can be a hiss or hum in the background, ambience at the start/end of a track or noises that occur during; if they're not supposed to be there then we can attenuate them.

Stereo Width

Just like a landscape, everything has its place. If a track is too narrow then we can expand the stereo width to give it more depth and scope (and vice versa).

Album Sequencing

Track order, fades and spacing can have a huge impact on the final impression of your record. A dynamic album sequence can ensure that your record plays smoothly and keeps listeners engaged.

A Critical Ear

Often it's just a good idea to get another pair of experienced ears on your mix. Not only do we offer our ears but we can also advise you on CD replication, vinyl cutting and digital release.


We love what we do, check out some of our work.

Wytch Hazel

IV: Sacrament



Angel Witch

Angel of Light




Running in Sunlight

Marina Florance


The Studio

Bespoke design for acoustic transparency.

Monitoring - ADAM Audio A77X & Sub10, Avantone Pro MixCubes Active, Heritage Audio Baby RAM
Conversion - Lynx Studio Technology Hilo, Apogee Electronics Ensemble
Software/Computing - Steinberg WaveLab Pro, Waves Audio, FabFilter & Mastering The Mix Plugins, Apple Mac Mini
Misc - Mogami Cabling, Audio Technica Turntable

Our Service

Affordable yet uncompromised.

At Tonalex, we're dedicated to supporting unsigned artists and the independent music community. Unlike automated services, our masters are handcrafted for quality. Prices start at just £30 per track, with options for vinyl and high-resolution formats, plus DDP files.

Let's elevate your music together.


Don't just take our word for it.

"Terry first did some mastering for my group Sandtimer in 2015 and we loved the results.

Our music is mostly acoustic-based so we needed someone who could apply a light touch while also delivering energy and warmth.

Everything he has done for us has been fantastic and we have never looked back!"

Author image
Rob Sword Sandtimer

"I have worked with Terry from Tonalex since 2016, his support through my early days of music production has proved invaluable.

Terry has taken the time to understand my sound bringing out the very best in my vocal performance.

Tonalex gets the very best from my recording and mixing with their ability to explain in layman's terms when/where I may need to make amendments in the mix.

I would highly recommend Tonalex for their attention to detail and value for money."

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Marina Florance Singer/Songwriter

"Terry is a fast, professional and highly collaborative mastering engineer, who is a joy to work with.

He takes my mixes to another level, giving them so much clarity whilst making them sound massive!"

Author image
Giles Thomas Composer

"I’ve worked with Terry for many years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any other producers needing their work mastered.

He is very professional in what he does. Very prompt in replying and getting the job done.

Terry takes the time to understand your needs, is very accurate in his work and is a pleasure to deal with.

A top mastering engineer!"

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Richard Todd House Producer

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