High Quality

Our audio quality is world-class; putting time and hard work into every piece of music that we master. We never settle for anything less than perfect and endeavour to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Low Prices

As well as boasting the highest quality online mastering services, we also offer them at the lowest prices (starting from only £20 per track) - perfect for music professionals on a budget.

Fast Delivery

Tonalex is solely an online mastering studio, which gives us the ability to work efficiently and maximise our workflow - why wait for your music to be mastered?

Free Preview

You don't have to pay a single penny until you are happy with your masters, eliminating risk and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. Let us prove to you that Tonalex Mastering is the right choice.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Upload your tracks
2. We master them and send them back
3. You approve of and pay for the masters


Online Mastering

Before and After Samples

20 seconds of unmastered audio followed by 20 seconds of mastered audio: